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How Do You Install Wordpress On Your Ozzietel Server?

19 December, 2016 at 07:37 PM

How Do You Install Wordpress On Your Ozzietel Server?

Many of our customers have doubt if they really need to install WordPress through our cpanel web hosting services, as they know that their host is good enough to do all the services required. The answer depends on whether we just want to work on our blog or whether we want the experience to be easy to use, convenient and flexible.

The Amazing Wordpress

WordPress provides you with many robust features and is used by numerous of the top brands in the world including but not limited to Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, The New York Times, CNN, eBay, and more. It can be used to design any kind of website or blog.

Installing Wordpress

Ozzietel web hosting platform gives you the option of installing other applications like WordPress, Ecommerce, through your cpanel web host and then work through those installed applications. So customers who have already familiarized themselves with the WordPress environment will have no trouble in switching to a cpanel web host (talking specifically about Ozzietel) without going to the trouble of having to learn something new.

How to install Wordpress?

Many software available online are open source and thus free to be downloaded, installed and used like WordPress. This tutorial focuses specifically on installing WordPress, but the procedure is same for any other open source software.

There are over 2600 WordPress themes available on the internet for you to choose from and over 31000 plugins for additional benefits. Install The WordPress Software easily following the steps mentioned below.

1) Log into your Ozzietel account through your username and password. Create a database with a username and password (You are required to set a strong password, so you can use a random password generator if having any trouble).

 It is a slightly technical step so if you need help contact our support. Ozzietel provides you with an option to create MySQL databases through its host.

2) Once you have finished off with the Database, you are required to create a user and give him privileges to access the database. Select all privileges for the new user and then click on the option Create User.

 Now you have created a user for your new Database. Remember all the information related to the DB for future use (Username, Password).

3) Go to your file manager through your Ozzietel account and unzip and extract the WordPress folder in the public_html directory. If it’s not the first WordPress installation in your account, extract and unzip everything in the already created domain.

4) Make changes in the wp-config file. Open the file in a text editor and change the DB information given in the file as per your DB information. You will have to change the name of Database, Username, and password. Now save the file with the changes.

5) Now go to this URL - http://domain.com/wp-admin/install.php (replace the domain name with your domain name), and choose the language for WordPress. Fill in the details of your DB (Username and Password) and Press ok.

Your WordPress is now installed and ready to use through Ozzietel web host.


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