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Web Design and Web Hosting Trends 2017 To Look Out For

20 December, 2016 at 10:27 PM

Web Design and Web Hosting Trends 2017 To Look Out For

The trends in web designing keep changing year after year while the prominent ones make their ground. After following the trends of the past years, it is now time for us to disclose the future web designing trends of 2017.

Whether you are having a Sydney VPS plan or a dedicated server plan, these trends are something that you need to know – and perhaps even use on your website.

1.    Attract with GIFs

GIFs have been trending across social media platforms and the internet in general. These quick, multimedia snippets have emerged as an innovative way to get across information in a compact manner.

They also lend liveliness to your website and incentivizes visitors to go through the website more extensively in comparison to a text-heavy website.

If used wisely, GIFs portray an in-depth understanding of design elements and their seamless incorporation into the design of your website lends an image of art and sophistication to the outlay. However, you should be wary of going overboard with GIFs; doing so may leave your website looking tacky and difficult to navigate.

2.    Bold Type

A foolproof method of attracting attention towards the most important message or aspect of your website is to use a type that in big and bold. Investing in fluff is a waste of time, effort and valuable website space as most of it goes unnoticed by the viewer.

Using a bold type also resonates confidence and clarity of purpose, which increases the probability of the visitor to engage with your website. Therefore, dedicate a significant area to one big and bold statement that drives home your purpose in a concise and precise manner.

3.    Pop Art

It seems to be the time of the revival of some of graphic design's more edgy aspects, like pop art. It is easy to notice that solid, vivid, pop colors are dominating design trends across the internet. This resurgence seems to be in agreement with the likings of the millennial consumer, who has a preference for bright and bold designs.

You can opt for a pop color palette or pop art design scheme depending on how it blends with the visual identity of your business. Be careful not to overdo this style as it is pretty easy to reach overkill with pop art.

4.    Try Flexbox

Flexbox is a relatively ‘new kid’ in the web design town. This CSS layout is not only responsive-friendly in its functioning but is also a pleasure to use. Visual designers get the freedom to play around with objects with align and distribute functions. You no longer need to confine your design ideas to ‘boxed’ designs as you can now flex with Flexbox. Since this is a comparatively new module, you can look up for online guides to get acquainted with the functions.

5.    Mobile-Friendly Design

The trend of growing preference for mobile phones as the device of choice for viewing online content has been continuing at a fast pace for many years now. Keeping this in mind, it would be prudent to you as a web designer to design content for your website that loads easily on a small screen. It should load on a mobile phone just as easily as it would on a larger desktop screen.

This ‘restriction’ may also help you filter out the fluff and actually focus on the core aspects that you want to be highlighted on your website. You can always add that information when you design for desktops or tablet screens.

So let us see if the predictions come true in 2017 and make their mark!

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