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Top 10 benefits of Email Hosting for Businesses

20 December, 2016 at 10:33 PM

Top 10 benefits of Email Hosting for Businesses

Email hosting is a traditional method that has survived through the years and proved useful to businesses. It is still being used by businesses today due to its advantages. Even if you have a good web hosting or dedicated server plan with you, you need a good email hosting plan as well.

 Lets us discover the amazing benefits that Email hosting offers.

1.    Security

Confidentiality is often essential when it comes to business communication. For this purpose, it is imperative that all communication in a business that occurs over the internet must be secured against potential data theft threats. A major benefit of email hosting for businesses is that companies offering this service ensure complete encryption of data that is sent across so that no unauthorized party gets access.

2.    Storage

When you sign up for an email hosting account, you are also offered sufficient space to store tens of thousands of emails. Understanding the need of businesses to keep the record of all communications, service providers will offer you storage space ranging from MBs to a few GBs. You can always choose to scale up your storage plan whenever the need arises.

3.    Filters

Email hosting providers have employed various rigorous filters to make sure that neither spam nor viruses find a way into your inbox. Viruses are sieved off by integrating anti-virus scanners into the SMTP gateway of the host.

As for spam, filters help to segregate it into categories such as blacklist, whitelist, and greylist so that you can configure settings that send spam directly to a separate folder rather than to your inbox.

4.    Quality of communication

An email hosting service allows you to have personalized email addresses for all your employees with the name of business being the common factor i.e. mynameisxyz@mycompany.com. It makes internal as well as external communication seem more professional and credible.

5.    Brand Image

Since a hosted email service helps to convey an image of professionalism, it creates trust in the credibility of the company and contributes positively to the brand image. Then you can also employ branding and personalized Ids to tell your customers that they are dealing not with amateurs but an established company.

6.    Easy access

Hosted email service ensures that your business communication account is always available to you, no matter where you are. It encourages employees not to depend on office time alone to work and confidently take it anywhere, thereby increasing productivity. Since these accounts require proper credentials to log in, security is not compromised no matter what.

7.    Address book

The Address Book is a very helpful feature offered by many email hosting providers. It allows you to store contacts for easy access, viewing, and retrieval. You can choose to create private as well as shared Address Books to control what information is shared with whom.

8.    IMAP and POP access

Secure access can be ensured to desktop email clients through IMAP and POP access. All emails exchanged have 128-bit encryption and all traffic to the business email from a third party is also encrypted to make sure that data is being received from a genuine source and not bots.

9.    Safe webmail access

Given the above feature, you can be assured that with 128-bit industry-grade encryption, your data is secure during the entire process of exchange, right from the sign in to sign out.

10.    Cost effectiveness

For the benefits it offers in terms of security and streamlining of communication, investment in email hosting is a wise investment for any business.

In the end, email is still used widely for all business communications. It is an integral part of business operations and a need for all organizations.

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