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5 Reasons you need a VPS

23 October, 2017 at 05:07 PM

If you are looking out for an option that is better than shared hosting, but also does not make you go around breaking the bank like the dedicated servers, then, what you need is the VPS or virtual private servers. If you want to know more reasons as to why you should opt for the VPS, then keep reading.

 1. Collaboration and information access:

Having a VPS, means that you have access to your server whenever you want, irrespective of where you are and you can access it through a phone or even a spare computer. It also allows you to make updates wherever necessary which saves a lot of time. We know that while this can be done through Dropbox or Google, but having your own virtual private server means you control everything.


2. Personal File Storage:

There are several personalized files and folders that you may need at any point of the day - be it your own music play list or even your favourite movies - and a VPS allows you more flexibility and better control.


3. Better Communication:

We all have so many opinions, yet, we are afraid of voicing them on social media as we worry about getting blocked or what others will have to say. If you want to blog or host your own opinions, a VPS is more than enough to handle your content on a simple WordPress account. You can also use it for email hosting as well, if you can arrange a better internet connection.

4. FreeNX Desktop:

FreeNX allows you to run a functional desktop on a VPS, which is extremely helpful. So, if a server is not working, this helps you get connected to a freeNX instance outside your office through a different ISP and just have a quick look.


5. An educational environment:

VPS is an expensive and educational way to learn and understand how a simple web page is made - right from the operating system to the code. While you don’t have to be a tech geek, having a basic understanding is definitely helpful and a Linux VPS allows you to make mistakes as you learn.


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