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Why Do You Need cPanel Hosting as a Beginner?

04 December, 2017 at 07:55 PM

While you could go in for different ways to create and build your website, as a newbie, you are sure looking for the easiest method. With cPanel, you don’t need to know about any programming, and would be able to set up your website in minutes. Here are a few of the things that you can do.

1. Helps You Customize

cPanel gives you the freedom to not follow one size fits all approach. Based on your needs and different budget requirement, you get a different solution.

For instance, cPanel gives you ability to build various clusters. For example, you can build your own DNS clusters so that the NS server can sync with each other and ensure data redundancy.

Rolling back to the default stage is also very easy. It avoids prolonged time for service down happening due to an improper execution of a modification or customization or wrong command given by a less competent person.

You also have a straightforward portability feature through which you can easily transfer your website from one internet hosting company to a different.

2. Taking Backups is Easy Now

One of very basic requirement for a business regarding maintenance is to take regular backups. cPanel gives you complete facility of performing a fully automatic backup.

For larger databases also, a backup can be performed separately. It is to be noted that backups are important to restore your site to the default level completely.

3. Choose from Different Themes

cPanel gives access to various themes and skins to match the business requirement. Skins like iCandy & cPanel XP-2004 are great interface designs, and it can really make your company stand out from the crowd.

The Other Benefits

Also, skin sets like cPanel XP-2004 and RV Skin make use of the WHM API, which makes the setup even easier and secure, making your business do more.

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