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Top 5 Benefits of cPanel Hosting for Businesses

17 July, 2018 at 04:45 PM

If you're worried about maintaining servers and websites without investing in an in-house tech team, don't worry.

All you may need to do is to set up the cPanel when developing your website - with its simplicity; it is the most preferred choice of businesses around the world.

It's designed for everybody - from small to heavy businesses.

The Top Benefits for Businesses

Here is a look at why businesses would love to go the cPanel way.

1. Is Easy to Run

With a light and user-friendly interface, it helps businesses run it without having a big tech team around it.

2. Adds in Extra Security

You can have an addon FTP account as a business which can help you restrict the developer access to a particular folder and thus maintaining the security and privacy of the entire system. You will not have to share the business cpanel password with any of the tech person for development operations.

3. Integrates with Other Business Friendly Applications

Experience super easy integration - with third-party applications like cageFS, CloudLinux, SpamAssassin, and R1Soft. It offers a great level of stability, backup management and ability to override server-side settings like PHP version for a single account.

You can also integrate it with various billing applications and software such as WHMCS. So it becomes easy for your sales or billing team to create, suspend, modify or delete web hosting accounts from that billing application itself.

This greatly reduces the time to set up the system and also provide another level of security because the server login credentials need not be shared with somebody having less technology knowledge.

4. Plenty of Apps For You

Thousands of plugins for cPanel are there which can be used for custom setups. For example if you want to modify your web server to Litespeed it can be done very easily through LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) plugin.

Similarly, you can perform operations related to security such as access restrictions, malware scan and more through plugins like CSF.

5. Helps You Stay Up to Date

cPanel team has the reputation of improving features and rolling out update regularly. Due to its huge popularity, availability of security patches is quite fast. So you can easily secure your servers quite instantaneously and effectively much before a vulnerability or a threat can affect your server.

You don't have to worry when creating a new website - like installing a Wordpress site - cPanel supports wide array of operating systems.

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