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7 Outstanding Benefits of Wordpress

20 December, 2016 at 10:39 PM

7 Outstanding Benefits of Wordpress

Wordpress is a popular CMS that is used by 74.6 million websites all over the world. It gives you immense benefits and is very easy to use and operate.

With your dedicated server or web hosting plan, you might just want to use Wordpress. Today we give you 7 outstanding benefits of using Wordpress.

Ease of Use

With its intuitive interface and easy-to-comprehend features, WordPress is one of the most user-friendly platforms for content management available at the moment. Adding not just text, but multimedia objects such as images, videos or features like new pages or blog posts is a rather simple process.

The ease-of-use also saves the user a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be spent on formatting.

Search-Engine Friendly

The format and features available through WordPress focus on Search Engine Optimization. When a user searches for a particular entry, search engines prioritize their results based on keywords and the simplicity of the code that makes it easier for the engine to find and index an article.

The code for WordPress is rather clean and simple fulfilling one condition. It also allows you to meta tag keywords on images, pages or posts making them SEO-friendly and increasing the probability of their visibility.

Customizable Design

Websites and content created through WordPress are completely customizable. It means that you can alter how your content looks, what message it conveys and what emotions it sparks when viewed. Since all details be it a small design alteration or text overhauling are 100% customizable, WordPress allows you a sizeable degree of creative freedom.


Plugins are these handy add-on features that you can incorporate to enhance the output capability of your blog. WordPress offers its users plenty of plugins that are capable of a myriad of functions. You can choose to add anything your blog site ranging from a calendar to mark events, a gallery for videos to a Twitter feed or Facebook plugin.

No Additional Software or Editing Required

When you create content through WordPress, you do not have to depend upon any additional software for editing or uploading it. It is common with other platforms where one has to involve HTML editing software such as Dreamweaver.

WordPress being a self-sufficient platform, you can write and edit text, create new pages, upload as well as edit images, videos, image galleries, and the likes. You also do not require HTML or FTP software in order to upload these content features. 

Universal Platform

Anyone with a decent knowledge of web browsing can adequately operate WordPress. If one is well-versed with MySQL and PHP, they can easily find their way around a blog site created through WordPress.

It gives the program a universal appeal and adds to its user-friendliness, unlike other platforms that would require specific knowledge and a certain degree of sophistication in application to operate smoothly and generate desired results. WordPress can, therefore, be used to create anything, right from a small personal blog to a high-end business website.


People often fear that their content can be hacked easily as plugins may prove to be a vulnerability. However, WordPress guarantees its users against such threats as there is a process called ‘hardening’ that works on WordPress installations. When performed by qualified people while setting up your blog, it can render it virtually hacker-proof.

The list of benefits of Wordpress does not end here, and many more points can be included. But to save your time, we just highlighted the main ones.


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