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Why Is Wordpress Better For SEO?

26 December, 2016 at 08:29 PM

For any newbie to the world of web development, the first question comes to the mind is which web hosting service to choose? Well thanks to the growing prowess of internet, there are millions of web hosting services available all over the world. Good web hosting helps simplify businesses, as you can store, maintain and provide access to multiple websites.

What Is The CMS You're Using?

No matter which web hosting you choose, for most businesses, using the right SEO strategy remains a concern. While the general SEO practices remain the same, your CMS could make it extra easy or doubly difficult to implement your SEO strategy.

Studies suggest that in the long run, when it comes to SEO, Wordpress is the best choice due to its amazing organization of Content Management, with an interface that is simple to understand. At Ozzietel, we offer our Sydney web hosting businesses with low-cost installations of CMS such as Wordpress and Joomla.

So, Why Is Wordpress Great for SEO? What makes this Open Source Content Management System so damn good for SEO?

The Benefits of Open Source Nature

Wordpress is Open Source Content Management System, making it a powerful CMS in the world.

  1. Great Choice of Plugins and Themes

Any developer can create a variety of themes and plugins which can be used by a vast majority of Wordpress Community.

Most of these custom themes have current SEO standards, and as there are thousands of developers out there, you get the availability of already standardized SEO themes. Some of them are paid, and some are even free.

  1. Helps Make SEO Simpler

Your Wordpress site has endless capabilities that you can explore. These endless capabilities help your site to perform specific SEO functions. Buy in All-in-One SEO or Yoast SEO and just install the plugin to your site- they would do everything from telling you SEO tips for each page to suggesting you the right keywords. You know the SEO fields to fill in for each page, including the meta title and meta description, making it easier for you to keep track. 

  1. Content Optimization

When it comes to the content area, where your actual content will be entered along with the supposed keywords, the Visual Rich Text editor allows users to underline or bold, customize the fonts, upload images or any kind of other media, additional heading tags and hyper-linking to internal or external sites or pages. Basically it allows you to add content which can be easily flow through the search engine tunnels. 

  1. cPanel Hosting

Our users can utilize the cPanel hosting to manage the amazing features offered by Wordpress. Cpanel is a hosting control panel on your Ozzietel account page that helps its users to manage their hosting, even if they don’t possess the technical knowledge regarding hosting management. Our Australia web hosting plans ensure you have the right cPanel hosting account with you.


  1. Mobile Optimization

In April 2016, Google had declared all the websites to adapt the mobile compatibility for their sites within a certain deadline. Smartphones have become the primary gadget of any person in the world due to its availability and optimized internet browsing. According to Google, websites which didn’t have mobile optimization for their website, where said to lose a potential number of mobile searches.

Mobile Optimization can happen with responsive themes, available easily on Wordpress, and enables you to reach out to your customers even on their smartphones.

You can have premium themes downloaded fron Envato market, already having built in responsive abilities.

Whether you already are a Web Developer or still looking for a good web hosting service, we desperately recommend you Wordpress for your website. From past many years, Wordpress has been the world’s leading CMS, and there is no reason you shouldn’t use it for your site. 

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