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7 Top Web Hosting Tips for 2017

28 December, 2016 at 06:22 PM

7 Top Web Hosting Tips for 2017

Are you planning to build a website with broader business goals? If yes, then a good web hosting can make your wish accomplished. Nowadays, choosing a perfect hosting is a bit tricky task as numerous companies claim to offer the ideal hosting plan.

So, to help our readers, we have collaborated some useful and evergreen web hosting tips that make your task easy and simple in 2017. These web hosting tips is surely going to help you make your Australian VPS hosting site or Australian dedicated hosting site get better ROI.

1. Avoid "Free Domain" Trick

Getting a free domain is a trick of web hosts to attract the customers and obviously, who doesn’t want a gift. But beware, it is not necessary that their services are also up to the mark.

Before going ahead, do ask these simple questions-

Whose domain they are offering? Undoubtedly, the domain is the fee, however; sometimes web hosts retain the ownership which only means that you’re stuck and you have to pay whatever amount they ask. And if you want it for your own then they may ask for the hefty price.

What are the charges for renewal?  The first year hosting is cheap but is they offering the same amount for renewal? They may charge double or even more. This will be obviously a loss deal. Agreed?

So, read the norms and check every aspect before moving forward.

2. Check the Bandwidth & Disk Space

The foremost thing that needs to be considered is the traffic you require. It will help you to figure out how much disk space and bandwidth is required to achieve your goals. Less space can lead to the shutdown of your website on getting high traffic, which you obviously don’t want right? Hence, before purchasing a perfect hosting, check the bandwidth and disk space.

3. Storage Catch

“Ultimate Storage,” mostly targeted word of web hosting providers, why? Because people want something excellent in their services that make them more desirable. But no such thing like “Ultimate Storage” exists in web hosting services

If you have studied the complete Terms of Service of any web hosting service, then you must have read about the CPU/Server Usage, which states that if the website crosses a certain storage amount, it breaks the TOS and will be terminated. Of course, every hosting services have something like this in their TOS to protect their server resources from improper usages

So, the Terms of Service of web hosting carefully.

4. Research Well About the Company

Every renowned web host displays the testimonials and review on their website to build the trust of the customers. Most of the times, these testimonials and reviews were published by the proud users. You can contact those previous users of the web host to get more details about the web hosting services.

Don’t go blind by selecting a random web host for your website, do a complete and satisfactory research.

5. Create Your Own Backup

Always create a backup of your files. You must be thinking that the hosting providers are doing it then why should you? Well, it is an uncertain world, take the responsibility of your job. Yes, they provide the backup of your file but what if they misplace some file?

6. Say “No” to Long-term Contracts

A long-term contract is a kind of bluff to gain more money from the users. Don’t you think? If the services are good, then there is no requirement to bind them through the contracts. So, it is preferred not to go for long-term commitments.

7.  Buy & Save Discount Coupons or Commission Rebates

In this era of growing online business, web hosting is on high-demand. A good company will never try to leave their customers. Hence, they offer discount coupons or commission rebates time to time. If you as a customer is generating revenue for a company, then it is unwise if they don’t. So, if you are planning to purchase a hosting then surely go for the discount coupons or commission rebates. Don’t go for a web host that don’t have an affiliate program or give out coupons.

So, now you are all set to purchase a trustable web hosting service providers. Get the most from the above tips and start searching the one on which you can rely.



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