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5 Ways you Know You need a Dedicated Server

20 July, 2017 at 09:19 PM

As your company grows and thrives online, you will feel the need of shifting to a dedicated server. Opting for a dedicated server means you have your own physical server and not a virtual one that you have to share with hundreds of others.

There is no need to invest in servers in-house - you can rent a dedicated server from a dedicated server provider. You get a physical server for exclusively serving your hosting needs, without having your own team in house and making it more cost effective for you.

1. When you want a better performance:

 A dedicated server is better than a cloud server as you get a better performance and faster applications. While all the resources have to be shared on a shared server or a cloud, a cloud is more geared towards giving you storage space than resources. A dedicated server gives you a high performing hosting solution.


2. When cost becomes a factor:

Cloud might seem like the cheaper alternative, but a dedicated server will offer more resources and serve more number of clients. So, in the long run, if you want more value for your money, then a dedicated server is a cost effective answer.


3. Better security:

When you start having security problems with the shared server that you are using, it is time to switch over to a dedicated server as the dedicated hosting service provider will offer more security for your website and stored user information. So both your customers and you are guaranteed of reliable security.


4. Load times:

Having a dedicated server significantly reduces the loading time for your website, and this is an amazing reason to make the switch. The load time is such an important factor that Google has placed the load time into the SEO. When you use the resources of a shared server, the load time can be unbearably slow, pushing your much wanted traffic elsewhere.


5. A growing business:

If your business is doing well in the online world, it makes sense to move over to a dedicated server. It makes it more convenient and safer for your customers, business and you. You will have to make plans beforehand and choose the best server that ticks off all your checkboxes. So don’t take a decision in haste but start making plans the second you notice your business making progress online.


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