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The Top Benefits of cPanel hosting for users

17 November, 2017 at 03:27 PM

While cPanel hosting may seem similar to other web hosting control panels, it's more than that. For one, you wouldn't have it as easy when it comes to maintaining servers and websites without having any higher level of tech expertise.

What would you love about cPanel Hosting?

- Because of its simplicity, it is the most preferred choice of most of the users around the world.

- From small to heavy users, cPanel can cater to the needs of all through its interface.

- Just not that, there are an array of features and benefits associated with it which makes it the most popular of all the available choices.

The Top Reasons to Go in for cPanel Hosting

Here are some of the benefits of having cPanel for users.

1. Because of a lighter interface, you have a faster loading speed for your site.

2. Cpanel has a GUI based system of file management which makes it really easy and convenient for a user to access, modify, delete, upload, download and compress various files with a simple user interface.

3. You've access to different themes - use it according to your tastes and preferences - making it highly customizable and user-friendly.

4. Due to its simplicity, it is very easy and convenient for a user to create users, change permission structures, create various databases. Even if you are a rookie, it does not matter.

5. Its effortless to connect with the support team through the interface for users.

6. Do everything complex - from Email management, domain management, DNS system management, to subdomains management, redirection of domains - and more, in simple, easy to use steps.

7. There is no need to know programming - perform actions like quota increase/decrease, and server management through cPanel easily.

8. Install Wordpress or other platforms like Joomla, Magento, or Shopify for your site, right from the cPanel. In fact, you can use Web 2.0 technologies to integrate different features and platforms, including eCommerce, blogs, social media platforms, and databases.

9. Making new email accounts and allotting space for each mailbox gets easier too.

10. Perform user functions including mail forwarding, proxy mail, and group email easily.

11. The easy backup feature can help you secure your data on cloud infrastructure make the  whole array of files and storage really safe and secure for a user.

12. Ability to make files password protected ensures you have an added layer of security protecting you from cyber frauds.

You would love the ease of server management, helping improve efficiency and giving you complete control over upgrades and scalability.

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