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Medical Director on the Cloud

04 December, 2017 at 07:47 PM

Medical Director on the Cloud: Why Choose Ozzietel?

Medical Director

Cloud isn't just for consumers and businesses - it's for the healthcare industry too. The Cloud, the storehouse of information, helps you keep all your data safe in the cloud.

Medical Director PracSoft, one of the more popular practice management software available today, helps the healthcare industry take advantage of the unlimited Cloud space. You can reduce paperwork, cut costs and treat more patients.

whether it is generating business management reports, billing faster, or easily managing patient flows and appointments, it's all possible with Medical Director.

However, just investing in a good clinical and practice management software may not help - if you cannot store all the data securely, and that's where the cloud comes in.

Benefits of Hosting Medical Director in the Cloud:

Hosting Medical Director on the Cloud helps to make work more efficient. Here is why.

- If doctors do not have to spend copious amounts of time focusing on complicated administration tasks, it helps them spend more time delivering better care.

- Health professionals, with the help of convenient Cloud access, can make the process faster, better.

- By investing in the latest cloud solutions, expect to see an improved relationship between doctors and patients.

- Pay reduced costs and get a fast and reliable IT environment in return. Resorting to local servers with the added costs of maintenance and upgrades means lesser optimisation of resources.

Why Go in For Ozzietel?

With Medical Director on the Cloud, you will not have to make any extra purchases or have the need to install and maintain servers for your business.

You can rely on our Cloud services to keep your data safe - once the data is stored in the cloud, it's as safe as it could be.

A User-friendly system you’ll love

Our excellent user experience ensures that you can have all the patient data in one place, accessible at any point in time, helping doctors do a better job as they can offer more time to treating and learning.

Centralize Everything

You can link your clinics to your cloud database, and you could centralize all your practice data to have easy access. You could access it anywhere, from any internet-enabled device.

Secure Your Data

We comply with the Australian Privacy Act and the RACGP Computer and Information Security Standards, and ensure that all data that is stored on our servers in Australia, remain only within the country,

Our IT cloud environment has multiple servers, a number of software platforms and strict security policies. All clinical applications work in the Cloud without any glitches and you can even recover the data can also be recovered in case of accidental deletion.

With our monthly subscription option, you do not have to take a major financial decision right away. Try our extensive hosting options today!

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